Paul Pogba looking to make peace with Alex Ferguson

Pogba back at United after infamous fall-out in 2012
Pogba back at United after infamous fall-out in 2012

Paul Pogba has declared that he wants to meet up with his former manager Alex Ferguson, after breaking his silence on the infamous feud that led to his exit from Manchester United back in 2012.

Ferguson accused Pogba and his agent of putting financial demands ahead of sporting ambitions as the midfielder’s contract came to an end, with the Frenchman leaving Old Trafford amid much acrimony.

United have been forced to pay out a world record £89m to bring Pogba back from Juventus and he insists there is no linger animosity towards Ferguson.

“Big respect. He’s the greatest manager in football. Everyone can see that,” Pogba told Sky Sports.

“I don’t have any problems with him, the only problem maybe is that I wanted to play. Maybe to him it was too early, and to me it was too late, I was ready, and that’s it.

“Otherwise he was a great manager, he came and talked to me and gave me confidence. What more can I ask? I’ve learned a lot from him too. I respect him and will always respect him, and I hope to meet him again.”

In conversation with Premier League legend Thierry Henry, Pogba went on to suggest that he has come to United to win major trophies and also the prize that would confirm he is the best player in world football, FIFA’s prestigious Ballon d’Or.

“Win the league, the perfect thing, win the cup, and win the Europa League too. That would be perfect,” said Pogba of his ambitions in his first season back at United. “

I think we are trying to go back to basics at United, and to win the league. After that we would go back into the Champions League.

“And I’ve always dreamed of winning the Ballon d’Or. What keeps me going like this is objectives.

"I always have objectives. To win the Champions League, the league everywhere I go, and the dream is to win the Ballon d’Or. Maybe it will happen, maybe it will not, but I will go to try and achieve it.”

Pogba has also moved to pay tribute to his former club Juventus, after suggesting he has “only there on a holiday” before he moved back to United earlier this month.

“Maybe some fans will take it the wrong way, some people will understand some will not, but I want to thank them,” he said when asked about his comments.

“They trusted me; they helped me to be who I am. Tactically I’ve learned a lot. I was with Juve when I went in the national team. They really helped me, and I have big thanks for them. They will always stay in my heart.