Owen urges Liverpool to clear up transfer mystery

Michael Owen speaks to
Michael Owen speaks to

Former Liverpool striker Michael Owen has told that the club needs to end the confusion over who has the final say on transfer policy.

Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers is part of a transfer committee at the club that sanctions the purchase of new players, but he did not appear to have the final say on some key signings last summer.

"Maybe the club have to come out and tell us all who is in charge of identifying and signing players if Brendan is not in full control of that," Owen told us at a BT Sport event.

"Some of the players that have been signed by Liverpool in the last few years have proved to be poor and I’m sure he wished he didn’t sign some of them.

"His transfer dealings have been questionable and the other doubts over all of this is whether he is the man signing the players. 

Many Liverpool fans were calling for Rodgers to be sacked after a disappointing season ended in a disastrous 6-1 defeat for the Reds at Stoke last month, but Owen offers an alternative view.

"I’m pleased they have stuck with Brendan, but it is easy to argue the case of whether the club should have stuck with him either way," he added.

"You have a coach there who has got to the semi-final of both cup competitions this year and he had a middle patch of 18 games that was league winning form. 

"The start and the end were poor, but they have shown flashes that they can mix it with the best and only the season before, he was a slip away was winning the title. People forget that very quickly.

"The Liverpool team of a couple of seasons back played some incredible football and going to watch them at Anfield was an absolute pleasure. 

"He has proven that he can piece together an entertaining and winning style of football and there are not many managers who can do that in an era when defensive tactics are very much relied upon by many.

"Just on that basis, you could argue they were right to stick with him."

Rodgers has been installed among the favourites to be the first Premier League manager to lose his job, with Liverpool facing away games against Stoke, Arsenal and Manchester United in the first few weeks of the new season.