Nigel Pearson - The journalists strike back

Pearson apologies and is then told off by a reporter
Pearson apologies and is then told off by a reporter

Nigel Pearson was quick to apologise to the journalist he attacked in remarkable fashion on Wednesday night, but that was not the only major incident in another remarkable press conference featuring the Leicester manager on Thursday.

Pearson’s tirade in the direction of reporter Ian Baker after his side lost 3-1 to Chelsea was highlighted by his suggestion that the journalist was an "ostrich who had his head in the sand" before he followed up by saying he "was very stupid", in comments that brought widespread criticism for Pearson.

It was the latest entry to a long list of crimes committed by Pearson in recent months, which included an allegation that he told a Leicester fan to "f*** off and die", as well as abusing another journalist and getting a Crystal Palace player in a headlock. 

Yet on this occasion, Pearson accepted he was wrong and he issued this apology in person to the reporter in question.

However, Pearson's opening comments were not only notable moment in his second extraordinary press conference in the space of 24 hours, as he was then grilled by experienced BBC radio reporter Pat Murphy is a remarkable exchange of view.

Murphy's eagerness to highlight Pearson's faults this season made for compelling viewing, with the Leicester boss clearly using all his powers of restraint to try and keep his cool.