Munich tell United to 'stop emailing them about Muller'

Rummenigge: Muller is "extremely important for us"
Rummenigge: Muller is "extremely important for us"

Bayern Munich president Karl-Heinz Rummenigge has revealed the German club turned down a highly lucrative bid for Thomas Muller during the summer.

Rummenigge says Muller became something of a fascination for United and, in particular, their club chairman Ed Woodward. 

According to reports, the 26-year-old attacker was the subject of a bid in the region of €80 million from the Premier League side. 

Speaking on Sunday, Rummenigge said that Muller was absolutely not for sale at any price and that it was 'useless' for United to keep emailing him about a transfer. 

"I am not a banker. We are a football club," Rummenigge said after Bayern's 5-1 defeat of Dortmund, in which Muller scored twice. "That is why we never even considered selling Thomas Muller.

"I told my colleagues at Manchester United: 'I cannot close down my email account, but you no longer need to send me anything. It is useless.'"

At the time United were sniffing around Rummenigge said there was no price the club would consider. 

"He's under contract for another four years. He'll stay -- no matter what is offered. There is no price I would even start considering it.

"Thomas is a special character, different to all others we have seen at this club before, on and off the pitch. There are players who are technically better, and there are players who are faster, but there is no second Thomas Muller on this planet.

"He's extremely important for us. He embodies 'Mia San Mia' [Bayern's motto of 'We are who we are']."

United, seemingly aware their talismanic captain Wayne Rooney is faltering in his ability, are keen to bolster their attacking presence. 

Martial, as positive as his impact has been, cannot be expected to bear the brunt of being the sole striker at the club. 

Muller, a man impassioned by his commitment to Bayern Munich, will not be easily persuaded to depart with them. And understandably Munich won't be in a hurry to let him go.