Jose Mourinho quotes on Sam Allardyce style will worry England fans

Sam Allardyce and Jose Mourinho share a laugh
Sam Allardyce and Jose Mourinho share a laugh

The Special One launched a scathing attack on Big Sam in 2014 after Allardyce's West Ham United secured a 0-0 draw against Mourinho's Chelsea.

Sam Allardyce will soon be named as the new England manager, according to various reports:

If Jose Mourinho's comments on the current Sunderland manager's tactics from his time at West Ham are anything to go by, the Manchester United manager probably doesn't have much mass on the FA's apparent choice for the position vacated by Roy Hodgson.

Whether you love or hate Mourinho, you can't argue that "19th-century football" isn't a golden soundbite.

"Out-tactic'd" from Big Sam is just as good, and if the above reports are true then it will be a pity not to see these two managers face off again in the coming Premier League season.