Mourinho in new snipe at his faltering Chelsea stars

Mourinho taunting his players once again via the media
Mourinho taunting his players once again via the media

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has told his Chelsea stars that they need to change their attitude to the game and life in the latest outburst directed at his faltering players.

Chelsea's fall from grace has been complete this season, as the Premier League champions have lost nine of their first 16 Premier League games and are perched just one point above the relegation zone.

Mourinho ripped into his players after their 2-1 defeat at Leicester on Monday and accused them of betraying his advice, with his anger simmering over in his most recent Chelsea TV interview. 

"Some of them need to rethink the way they live Chelsea, the way they live football, they live their job," stated Mourinho

"Chelsea is big, football is more than a job, it's a passion. Every match on the pitch you should live with an unbelievable passion.

"How many millions would love to be football players and they can't be? You shouldn't waste any minutes on the pitch, you should enjoy every minute and you should give absolutely everything.

"Yes, I feel frustrated with some players and I feel that some others give absolutely everything and don't deserve to lose."

Mourinho's future as Chelsea boss remains in the balance, after club owner Roman Abramovich held meetings with his senior staff since their latest defeat on Monday as they ponder sacking the club's most successful manager.

Mourinho is due to speak to the media on Friday ahead of Saturday's Premier League game against Sunderland.