Mourinho - I'm not the most important person at Chelsea

Mourinho opens up on life, religion and his bad boy image
Mourinho opens up on life, religion and his bad boy image

Alex Ferguson claimed he had to be the most important person at the club during reign as Manchester United boss - but Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has insisted that ethos is wrong.

In an interview with The Telegraph, Mourinho has suggested his role as Chelsea is not as significant as it is often portrayed to be, as he stressed the manager is well down the pecking order of importance in the DNA of any club.

“The manager is not the most important person in the club, of course not,” he stressed. 

“I keep saying, the most important person in the club is first the supporters, secondly the owner, third the players, and then I come.

“It’s the manager that everyone looks at. The players are watching you, analysing you; they want to see your reaction, they want to see your stability.

"The people that work in the club are also watching you, and they follow in a negative or positive way. Even the supporters are watching you.

“They want to feel that after that big defeat you are ready for the next day; that after the big victory you are not in the moon but have your feet in the earth.

"And I think I am good in controlling these situations, and good in trying to keep people balanced for the negative and for the positive. At home I am not good, because they know me too well. I can’t hide. They get me.”

Mourinho also revealed he is a religious man, but he insisted he never goes to church and prays for a good result ahead of a big match.

"I believe totally, clearly. Every day I pray; every day I speak with Him," he said.

"I don’t go to the church every day, not even every week. I go when I feel I need to. And when I’m in Portugal, I always go.”

"I can say the reality is I never go to the church to speak with Him about football. Never!”

Mourinho went on to suggest his reputation for being something of a bully boy is not the persona his family and friends would identify with.

“I think I am a good guy. I try to be. And I think I am. I don’t have problems with family or friends," he added.

"I am a good family person; I am a good friend. I try to support people that I don’t even know. Do I make mistakes? Yes. My professional area is not only very competitive – it is competitive and emotional and [you must] push people for a certain kind of behaviour – absolutely, yes.

"But the professional life is only part of a person; a person is much more than that.”