Jose Mourinho hails his side's 'massive win'

Mourinho blowing bubbles of delight at Upton Park
Mourinho blowing bubbles of delight at Upton Park

Jose Mourinho claimed his side "are the best" after Eden Hazard's goal at West Ham ensured his side followed up their Capital Cup win on Sunday with a 1-0 victory at Upton Park.

The result maintained Chelsea's five point lead at the top of the Premier League standings, with Mourinho oozing with praise for his side who showed their staying power just three days after their Cup Final triumph at Wembley.

"The was a big match, even if some people don't think so," said Mourinho. "Man City lost here, Liverpool lost here, Man United nearly lost here, so we knew it would be tough.

"This is not a good team to play after a Cup Final. You want a team that passes the ball and gives you time to adapt, but this team is long ball and pressure and it is not what we needed. This is why I am so happy to win.

"I told the referee is it very difficult to be a ref here, because of the style of their game. Lots of long balls. West Ham had lots of balls in the box, very difficult, very intense and really difficult for the referee.

"They complain for everything, the crowd is behind them and it is really, really difficult."

Mourinho heaped praise on his match-winner, as he admitted he is jaded after a hectic and hugely successful few days for his team.

"Eden Hazard is fantastic. He is punished by opponents in a very hard way," added Mourinho. "They tried to stop him but the kid is playing, scoring and defending. My team were brothers on the pitch and that is important if you are to win the most difficult league in the world.

"I want to sleep tomorrow until midday. Today easily you lose two points."

Mourinho is set to give his players two days off now as they have a weekend without a fixture ahead of next week's Champions League game against Paris Saint-Germain at Stamford Bridge.