Mourinho grumbles about his lonely life in Manchester

Mourinho admits living in a Manchester hotel has become frustrating
Mourinho admits living in a Manchester hotel has become frustrating

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has described life in his new home city as "a disaster" after confirming his family will not be moving north from their London base.

Mourinho has been living in the Lowry Hotel in Manchester since he took over as United manager, with photographers setting up camp outside to capture images of him coming and going on a daily basis.

In an interview with Sky Sports, Mourinho laughed as he described his current existence as difficult, as he hinted he may look to buy a small apartment in Manchester.

"Buy a house? I do not know... I do not know," said Mourinho, as he was asked whether he would bed down some roots in Manchester.

"But the reality is that my daughter will be 20 next week. My son will be 17 in a couple of months. They are very stable... university in London, football in London, friends.

"They are at an age where they can't chase me like they did before. 

"So, for the first time, the family lives in a different way. We try to feel it, we try to see the evolution of our feelings and see how we cope with the situation.

"But maybe, if I can get a good apartment... not these giant houses that the press says I'm going to buy. I will never buy that! 

"But if I find a nice apartment with a good connection from the garage to the apartment, maybe I do it - but I can't cook!"

Many will view these comments as evidence that Mourinho is struggling to adapt to life in Manchester, with confirmation that his family will not move with him to his new base likely to be point of concern for some.

Former United manager Alex Ferguson was always keen for his players to buy a home near to Manchester, but it seems Mourinho is operating on a short-term plan for now.

Cynics may argue that his long-term future will not be in Manchester after a poor start to the season was followed by a few days of leaks that suggest cracks are beginning to appear in the Mourinho set-up already.

Suggestions that players are not happy with his training methods appeared in the media on Tuesday, with Wednesday night's EFL Cup game against Manchester City the next big test of Mourinho's early tenure at Old Trafford.