Mourinho - Everyone wishes they were like Chelsea

Mourinho set to win the Premier League title again on Sunday
Mourinho set to win the Premier League title again on Sunday

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho taunted his rivals after his side moved to within a single win of the Premier League title following a 3-1 victory at Leicester.

After a month of negative commentary surrounding Chelsea's 'boring' tactics, Mourinho's men will be confirmed as champions if they beat Crystal Palace at Stamford Bridge on Sunday and Mourinho was quick to seize the moment to claimed the criticism of his side in recent weeks has been misplaced.

“I don’t need other people to recognise what we are because I know exactly what we are. In a very pragmatic way, we are what every teams would like to be,” stated Mourinho.

“My experience in football teaches me about my own feelings, what I think and what I feel. It depends on your opinion. Some people say yes Chelsea are the perfect team, some people says no.

“It is style to defend when against a team like Leicester. We coped well with it. A little mistake and we concede a goal, but in the second half you could see not just the character of the team, but also the quality.

“I think it is phenomenal when they are doing. To be top of the league since day one is not easy. What my boys are doing, I think it was fantastic.”

Chelsea skipper John Terry echoed the views of his manager, as he insisted the criticism that has been flowing in Chelsea's direction has been unjustified.

“You have to give respect to the players and the manager as well,” said Terry. “What the manager has done with this side in two years deserves a lot of respect.

“We were the best side by far until Christmas. We have been the best side all season.

"Okay, we have had to grind out result because teams have been getting behind the ball and made it difficult for us, but the players and the manager deserve respect. We have been very good all year.”