Mourinho confirms Terry is staying at Chelsea

Brothers in battle - Mourinho and Terry
Brothers in battle - Mourinho and Terry

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has ended speculation surrounding the future of his skipper John Terry by insisting he will still be a part of his squad next season.

Terry's current deal expires at the end of this season and he admitted after Sunday's Capital One Cup final victory that he did not know whether this would be his final season at Stamford Bridge.

Yet Mourinho has insisted the new deal Terry wants will be put in place and he fully expects to have his experience skipper on side for at least one more year.

“What I can guarantee is he will be a Chelsea player next season. I can guarantee that," stated Mourinho. 

"To be able to guarantee that, it’s because I know what my board tell me and what the player tells me. No doubts he is going to get his contract – no doubts.” 

Asked if the situation was that terms had been agreed in principle but nothing signed, he added: “Yes, I think it’s around that.”

Mourinho went on to suggest Terry would be tough to replace when his decorated Chelsea career comes to an end, as he suggested the club willhave to start thinking about that process soon.

 “That’s the best way to do things. Sometimes you have the solution just around the corner," he added. "Sometimes you don’t have it and you have to look outside your club.

“But this is a process that we can take our time over because John is proving again this season that he’s a player for years.

"When I came back last year he was coming from a difficult period, but last season he was very good. This season, even better than last season.

"So, normally, he has time to enjoy his football with us. At the same time, he gives us time to think about what will happen next.”