Video - Mourinho confirms Pogba will play and Zlatan will stay

Ibrahimovic set for an extended stay at Man Utd
Ibrahimovic set for an extended stay at Man Utd

Jose Mourinho has revealed that he expects Zlatan Ibrahimovic to remain as part of his Manchester United team for two full seasons, as he also confirmed that Paul Pogba is ready to make his second Manchester United in Friday night’s game against Southampton.

Ibrahimovic has only signed a one-year contract with United that includes an option for a season season, but Mourinho is convinced the 34-year-old will still be in his squad a year from now. 

“There is no doubt,” added Mourinho, when he asked whether Ibrahimovic would be part of his plans for next season.

“I ask every day about his family, his integration, his house and everyone is happy. So I see him here for two years, no doubts.”

Meanwhile, Mourinho is preparing to hand Pogba his first appearance in a United shirt since his record breaking £89m move from Juventus in Friday night's game against Southampton at Old Trafford.

“He is in condition to play some minutes and accelerate his progress into the team,” stated Mourinho at his pre-match press conference.

“He has adapted really easily because he knows the club, knows everybody. He has no need to have time to adapt, but he’ll need time to build his condition and his understanding of how the team plays and how he’ll fit in with that.

“If you are expecting us to change the team dramatically to fit this player in, we are not going to do that, we are not going to do that, but we have to change some details.”

Mourinho also vowed to bring the fear factor back to Old Trafford as he prepared for his first Premier League home match as United manager, with the stony faced tactician urging the club’s supporters to get behind his team.

“Everything starts with the relation between the team and the fans,” he continued. “If at Old Trafford a couple for thousand away opponents can be more supportive and more noisy than 70 something thousand then we are in trouble and it means that there is no connection between the team and the supporters.

 “If there is connection I think that factor of being strong at home has to be back, but I think everything starts with that relation between the team and the fans.

“The way the team plays and the way the team behaves, that includes the mental approach, if the fans they feel that connection and if the fans play, there is no chance for the opponent.”