Mourinho admits every player has a price

Mourinho is not about to sell Hazard - but he admits he has his price
Mourinho is not about to sell Hazard - but he admits he has his price

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has admitted every player has a price, as he admitted his star turn Eden Hazard could be prized away from Stamford Bridge if a huge offer was placed on the table.

Hazard, who is a firm favourite to land the PFA Player of the Year award later this month, signed a lucrative new Chelsea contract earlier this year, but Mourinho accepted any player was available for purchase if the price is right.

It was asked he was asked about Raheem Sterling's contract stand-off with Liverpool that the Chelsea boss offered up these comments.

"I don't like players that don't want to play for me and my club, clearly," stated Mourinho. "Every player has a price. It doesn't matter which player.

"If you ask me now, for example, Eden Hazard; we can speak about him because he's signed a new contract.

"Do I want him to leave Chelsea? No. If he wants to leave, if he doesn't want to work with me, if he doesn't want to play for Chelsea, does Eden Hazard have a price? I think he has a price.

"He's the best player in the Premier League, so I go to the best as an example."

"I also understand the philosophy of managers and clubs who want to keep the players at any price, who want just to say, 'there is no price to sell - the player stays, whatever'.

"Either way when a player has a contract with a club, the club, the manager and the board have the power to decide what to do.

"The club that sells is in control - not the club that buys, not the player, not the agent, not the cousin."

Mourinho also hinted that Petr Cech's days as a Chelsea bench warmer will come to an end when this season is finished, as he suggested the Czech Republic stopper will be given the choice of whether to stay or leave the club this summer.