Manchester United legend tips Mourinho to bring Premier League title to Old Trafford

Manchester United legend tips Mourinho to bring Premier League title to Old Trafford

In his exclusive column, United legend Kevin Moran predicts his Premier League top four.

How I wish I could wait another two months before having to tell you who will win the most open Premier League race I can remember.

In that time, the teams will have made important signings that I still don't know about and a couple of teams will have got off to blistering starts.

By the international break in October a couple of clubs currently dreaming of being champions come next May will be sat in mid-table, already out of the running.

My task of coming up with a winner would be so much easier.

Leicester City's wonderful triumph last season has opened the door for other clubs to dream of doing something special.

Everton and Southampton are just two clubs with the resources and good players to say 'that could have been us'.

Will Leicester do it again? I'm sorry, I just can't see it happening.

They got a bit lucky last season by going out of both the League Cup and FA Cup quite early, leaving them with only the Premier League to focus on.

This season they have to be distracted by trips to the likes of Barcelona, Napoli or Ajax, who are potential Champions League opponents.

However, the opposite is true for Chelsea and Liverpool, who have no European commitments this campaign.

Each would much rather the promise of big nights under the lights at Stamford Bridge and Anfield. Yet being idle in Europe is huge for both clubs.

No tiring trips abroad, plenty of free midweeks to work on training and tactics and the chance to give top players the time to recover from little niggles without forcing them to play in games.

Man United have to play in the Europa League and that will mean an awful lot of Sunday games, where they will be playing catch-up against the teams around them in the table.

However, that is just where the big squad assembled by Jose Mourinho will come into its own.

He'll rest the likes of Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Wayne Rooney when it comes to European action and, anyway, in the Europa League you won't be playing Real Madrid or Bayern Munich.

I think United might sneak it at the end because Mourinho knows how to get the job done in the Premier League.

He is a manager who can get his team and squad singing from the same hymn sheet - his hymn sheet.

A classic example of where that can go wrong came over the last two seasons at Old Trafford.

Louis van Gaal had a plan, but United's players simply didn't believe in it.

Although the FA Cup was won, the Premier League and Champions League failures did for the Dutchman.

Of the top managers, Pep Guardiola has most to do to revitalise an ageing squad at the Etihad Stadium.

Now he might have done it by the end of August, but right now I just think other clubs have skipped past the Sky Blues with their recruitment.

Chelsea have to have a great chance with the bulk of the group who won the title in May of last year.

Basically, something went badly wrong at Stamford Bridge last season.

The driven Antonio Conte is just the man to put the pieces back together again – to get Eden Hazard and Cesc Fabregas back to where they were as Chelsea blew everyone away in 2014/15.

If Chelsea's players don't do it for him, take it from me that this time next year there will be an entire roster of new Chelsea players.

Conte will clean out the stables if his horses don't deliver for him.

I like what Mauricio Pochettino has done at Spurs.

They have signed Victor Wanyama and Vincent Janssen to kick on this season and do well in the Champions League too.

The only thing that could go wrong for them is if, over the next three weeks, some club throws funny money at them to sign Harry Kane or Dele Alli.

Kevin Moran's predicted top 4:

1 Manchester United

2 Liverpool

3 Chelsea

4 Arsenal