Luis Suarez joins the team photo craze

Barca's Champions League finalists toast their win against Bayern Munich
Barca's Champions League finalists toast their win against Bayern Munich

Roy Keane is among the former players who have condemned the modern craze of posting photos from the team dressing room after a big win - but it seems as if the trend is catching on.

Keano and Sky Sports pundit Jamie Carragher are among those who have suggested that modern players are a little too hasty to post dressing room photos after a big win.

"It's winding me up - it's an absolute joke," said Carragher earlier this year.

"Of course celebrate, but it’s nonsense all of these team pics in dressing rooms - normally you have them with a cup! It’s nonsense and they need to stop doing it."

Arsenal players have tended to be greatest exponents of the team photo, whether they are on their was to a game or after they have posted a notable victory.

Carragher is among those who has been especially critical of the Gunners for their social media photo antics, with 'over-celebrating' a fourth place finish the accusation as Arsenal stars posed for this photo a couple of years ago.

Arsenal are not alone in this celebration photo fad, with Manchester United keeper David de Gea offering up this image after his side's win against Liverpool at Anfield in March.

Liverpool got in on the act as Philippe Coutinho offered this image after his side limped to a victory at Sunderland back in December. Hardly a cause for mass celebrations!

Meanwhile, Chelsea players had every right to celebrate a couple of weeks back, as they won the Premier League title and offered up this dressing room image.

Are dressing room photos of celebrating players all part of the modern social media age or do Keane and Carragher have a point when they suggest players are attention seeking when they post these images on social media accounts?

Whatever the merits of these images, maybe Carragher should have recalled that he took part in the social media photo craze himself in his final days at Liverpool, as he posed with Daniel Sturridge for this image.