Liverpool supporter bags Guinness World Record for longest Football Manager game

Darren Bland managed Fiorentina in Football Manager for 154 seasons
Darren Bland managed Fiorentina in Football Manager for 154 seasons

Liverpool fan Darren Bland reached the year 2163 as virtual manager of Fiorentina in the Football Manager game, securing a Guinness World Record for his troubles.

Many a football fan has become addicted to Football Manager at some point in their lives but Darren Bland is on a different level.

Starting his tenure as La Viola boss in 2013, the FM 2010 boss known as 'Wulfhammer' managed his side through an astonishing 154 seasons.

Winning 151 league titles, Darren finished up in the year 2163 after a real-life spillage wrecked his laptop.

By that time, he had played the game for 173 days, 16 hours and 51 minutes.

Quizzed by on whether his time as Fiorentina manager ever became Bland, Darren laughed off notions of modern-day bosses who only last a few seasons:

"In the real world I'm a 80s glory-hunting Liverpool fan, fallen on less glorious times. I had a previous save with me managing them for 80 odd years.

"But, variety is the spice and all that, so on this occasion I plumped for Fiorentina. When I start a game with a club, I finish it with said club. Why abandon all the hard work just for some computer algorithm to muck it all up while I have to start the process all over?

"I chose Fiorentina because a) My all-time favourite player had a mediocre season with them - the genius, the doctor, the bearded lord of the nonchalant style, Socrates from the wonderful 1982 Brazil team.

"And b) They play in purple...Not a bad colour to look at for 154 years. If it's good enough for Prince..."

Offers from scouting divisions at top clubs are likely to flow in for the now legendary gamer.