Liverpool club shop selling an unusual shirt

Klopp preparing for his first game as Liverpool boss
Klopp preparing for his first game as Liverpool boss

Jurgen Klopp's arrival as Liverpool manager has sparked plenty of excitement among the club's supporters and the official club shop is keen to cash in on the enthusiasm with some inventive merchandise.

Klopp refused to follow the path of Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho at his first press conference as Liverpool boss last Friday as he declared he was 'just the normal one' and insisted he should not be viewed as anything special.

That line has been picked up by the media in the days since and now Liverpool Football Club have embraced the tagline by selling this shirt in their club shop.

More than a few football fans on Twitter suggested the shirt was ill-advised, but it will be interesting to see how many Reds fans are wearing Klopp merchandise when he makes his debut as Liverpool manager against Tottenham on Saturday.