Klopp's Liverpool revival has Man Utd legend worried

Klopp has impressed Alex Ferguson
Klopp has impressed Alex Ferguson

Former Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson has admitted he fears Jurgen Klopp is capable of propelling Liverpool back to the top of the game.

Despite Sunday’s 2-0 defeat at Newcastle, Klopp has made a big impression at Anfield and Ferguson suspects the German will succeed in leading Liverpool back into trophy contention.

“I’m worried about him,” said Ferguson, as he spoke about Klopp at the TechCrunch summit in London. “One thing United don’t want is Liverpool above us, that’s for sure.

“He is a fantastic personality. He has a great confidence about him and even when they lost their second goal against Newcastle, his big white teeth were showing. He has a wonderful personality.

“I had a text from him the other day actually. I know him quite well from the coaching courses and he will make a big difference to that club. He has the drive and the knowledge to do well. Things will look up there, I really do.”

Meanwhile, Ferguson has urged Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich to stand by manager Jose Mourinho, despite fresh speculation that he faces the axe following last Saturday’s home defeat against Bournemouth.

“He has sacked so many coach’s in the last few years and he has to have learned from it,” added Ferguson.

“He has got to trust Jose to turn it around. There is no point in sacking one of the best coach’s of all time.

"Every country he has managed, he has won the big trophies. Sacking him would be the wrong step, it would be foolish, really.

“I think all good leaders will eventually find a solution. I think he will eventually go back to normal. It is not looking great at the moment, but I know the guy and I know the work he has done in football.

“The thinks that have been overlooked is (Thibaut) Courtois was injured in the first game of the season and that was a big loss. I think John Terry at the start of the season wasn’t having a great time and he is without doubt the leader of their team. When you lose two influential players like that, it can make a difference.

“Consistency is hard to find. Manchester City win the league and lose it the next year. Chelsea the same. It is very difficult to have a consistency for five or six years. That is what United were so good at.

“Avoiding compliancy was is important. Complacency is a disease. I was always fearful of dropping back off the scale and we had a reasonable level of consistency. Every time we lost the league at United, we won it the next year and you need character in a club to make that happen.”