Video - Klopp looks to dilute the hype around Ben Woodburn

Teenager Woodburn continuing to impress for Liverpool
Teenager Woodburn continuing to impress for Liverpool

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has there is a little too much hype developing around his teenage forward Ben Woodburn.

Woodburn was on the scoresheet as Liverpool beat Wigan 2-0 on Sunday, backing up some impressive displays in pre-season games over the last few days.

The publicity machine surrounding Welsh star Woodburn had been gathering in momentum as he has made his mark among Liverpool's first team stars, yet Klopp is not ready add to the euphoria as he looks to ease the 16-year-old through the formative stages of his career. 

"I really like these stories," said Klopp, as he was asked about the rise to prominence of Woodburn in recent days. "The problem that you can make these guys is that you write too much about them.

"You have enough time, they are young enough. You can write about them when they are 18, 19 and don’t bring them into the situation of going to school and not going to school, meeting the friends.

"I couldn’t have explained at this age what happens to me in this moment so cool down, everything is good.

"We are something like their family and we will really keep an eye on them, but it’s not important who will join us in America (for the pre-season tour).

"We are not going there on holiday and it’s not the most important training for them in their lives so they have their own team at home and we will see what will happen. If we have the situation and if they learn, if they listen and stay concentrated and disciplined then they have a bright future, that’s for sure.

"But between now and the bright future, there’s a lot of work. Let’s start with the work and not with the news."

Klopp also offered these comments on Liverpool's win at Wigan: