Klopp believes football fans take the game too seriously

Klopp accepts he is already under pressure at Liverpool
Klopp accepts he is already under pressure at Liverpool

Jurgen Klopp has admitted he feels under huge pressure to deliver success to Liverpool this season and suggested football fans lack understanding of what is required to bring success to the club.

In a compellingly honest interview with the Daily Mail, Klopp opens up on a variety of issues, with his comments on the demands being placed on modern managers making for fascinating reading.

“This is a crazy time where football is, for some people, the most serious thing in the world, but no-one really cares about it,” he stated.

“Look at the transfers: all everyone wants to know is what happens. They never want to know what it means behind, for this team, for that team.

“It’s just; ‘Come on, give me the next big signing’. To be cool enough to stay out of this colourful world around football, that is what I do. I’m not part of that, I’m not there, I don’t enjoy it.”

Klopp went on to concede that he needs to guide Liverpool to success this season, with the first anniversary of his appointment as Reds managers on the horizon.

“In football everybody is under such pressure, all they try to do is keep safe,” he continued. “I make this decision, then this decision, and now I am safe for, what, three weeks?

“If one minute you’re great and the next, “Get out”, that’s not honest. And honesty is one of the most important things in life.

“I know about pressure but I don’t feel it. I would never make a decision for how it looks outside, to be safe. Now everyone wants an £80million signing, or just the next signing, the latest signing. But I would never buy a player for that - just to do it. “We have bought enough, and if I am convinced, I am convinced. It’s for the good of the club, not for the good of me. I’m not that important.

“With so much emotion there will always be impatience. You cannot be emotional and then switch and say, but now I am cool and we can wait two years. It is always - now!

“I can’t control this expectation. People are allowed to dream. All I can say is that if you really love this club then you need to believe in our way, and that way is not always going to be easy, but I think we will do it.

Klopp also revealed why he decided to make his return to football with Liverpool, after a brief sabbatical from the game following his departure from Borussia Dortmund last summer.

“We can start with the colour,” he added. “Then the stadium, the people in this club. I am not the sort of person who comes in and says, “You - sacked”. That is not me.

“Don’t like his face, don’t like his face. I like to give first, second, even third chances. We are human beings. If I was judged on my first mistake, I wouldn’t be here. So I felt faith, and that is how life should be.”