Keano not impressed by Sherwood's tactics

Roy Keane's updated book is creating headlines
Roy Keane's updated book is creating headlines

Roy Keane has accused Tim Sherwood of stalking Aston Villa in the days before Paul Lambert was sacked as the club's manager.

In comments that will appear in an updated version of his best-selling autobiography, Keane suggested Sherwood was waiting for Lambert to lose his job and made his presence felt at the club's games as he eyed up the post.

"I went to watch Villa against Bournemouth in the FA Cup a few weeks before Paul was sacked and Tim Sherwood was sitting behind me. I just thought, 'All right ...'," wrote Keane, in quotes appearing in The Sun.

"I think some men go to matches if they think there's a job there for him. I believe Tim had been at two or three games.

"It's not a criticism of Tim. It's part of the game, it's the industry we're in. I'd go the other way myself.

"If I thought the manager was under pressure and that I was somehow being linked to the job, I'd avoid the place."

Keane also suggested in-form Villa striker Christian Benteke was not the most dedicated trainer during his time working as Lambert's No.2.

"With all the top strikers I'd worked with, the top ones always loved scoring in training," he added. "I'd look at Christian and he wasn't one for scoring many goals in training.

"I thought he'd give them a lift when he came back from injury, but I wasn't thinking: 'The Messiah's back. He isn't the type of personality that will get people together."