Jurgen Klopp admits he is annoyed by press attention

Klopp hosted his first pre-match press conference as Liverpool boss
Klopp hosted his first pre-match press conference as Liverpool boss

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has admitted he has been surprised by the persistent media attention that has flowed in his direction since his arrival at Anfield.

In his first pre-match press conference, Klopp suggested the presence of paparazzi photographers who have been following him around has caused him some annoyance.

Klopp was photographed trying to find a place to live in Liverpool, amid reports that he may be renting the same used by his predecessor Brendan Rodgers during his time as Reds boss.

"I don't like being photographed all the time, who does," asked Klopp. "Obviously the paparazzi know where I am going before I do.

"It's a funny job to wait three hours for me to come out, take one photo and go home, but it's the situation.

"I'm interested in what we can do behind this door, not outside. I am told it will cool down soon, but hopefully not because of results."

Klopp admits his preparations for the game against Tottenham on Saturday has not been ideal due to the international break, but he is relishing his first match as Liverpool boss.

"Everything would be better if we worked for six weeks, but it's not a perfect world, and we have to deal with the situation," he continued.

"I have been here, talking to many people, and trying to understand how LFC works, and how it is. It's a big step, and everything is ok until now.

"We have had some problems with players that were with national teams, that is normal. 

"We've had some good training, the boys are willing to listen, to understand what we want. It's not the time to change things, only in the right way. That's what we've tried to do."

Klopp tied to dampen down expectations around his arrival, as he insisted an instant fix to Liverpool's problems was not guaranteed.

"I don't read what you write. I'm completely free of expectations. My pressure that I place on myself is enough," he added.

"We have to start new, a restart. I'm not interested in what happened a few weeks ago, only in what we can do to be stable in a game, to close all our doors and, if possible, give a little bit out.

"We have to be active, ready for work, and to enjoy the game. We are playing against a very good team that has been together for some time. We know how they (Tottenham) want to play, but it's important to analyse our own situation."