Worry for Man Utd fans as Mourinho says he's not man to restore Old Trafford fear factor

Worry for Man Utd fans as Mourinho says he's not man to restore Old Trafford fear factor

Jose Mourinho is challenging Manchester United supporters to bring the fear factor for visiting sides back to the Theatre of Dreams.

The Portuguese coach was asked whether or not he can restore the fear factor for United's home ties during yesterday's press conference:

"Not me, but the team, yes. The fans can also help with this too. 

"Everything starts there: the relationship between the team and the fans.

"If a couple of thousand away supporters can be more noisy than 70,000, then we are in trouble. This would mean that there is no connection between the team and the supporters.

"If there is connection, then I think the factor of being really strong at home has to back. 

"Everything starts on the connection between the team and the fans.

"The way the team plays, the way they behave, the mental approach and, if the fans play (their part), there will be no chance for the opponent."

Meanwhile, world-record signing Paul Pogba is ready to feature against Southampton tonight (8pm kick-off), though Mourinho has warned that the midfielder may not yet be able to live up to his star billing.

The 23-year-old, who became the world's most expensive footballer when he sealed an £89miillion return to Old Trafford, missed the start of a season with suspension and has only been training with his new club for 11 days after an extended break at the end of his Euro 2016 excursion.

However, Mourinho is confident he is in a condition to face the Saints, even if he is unlikely to last the 90 minutes.

"We played with some players against Leicester with less training than Paul," the Portuguese said.

"We had guys coming back from the Euros, who were on holidays, had one week of training and they played against Leicester (in the Community Shield), not at the top of their game, not ready for 90 minutes but they played and performed and it was a good way for them to accelerate that process.

"In this moment they are in the building-up process of their form.

"Paul has been training for more than a week, around 10, 11 days, adaptation is really easy because he is a boy from here, he knows the club, he knows everybody. There's no need for time to adapt.

"He needs time to build his condition and his understanding in the way the team tries to play.

"Yes, he's ready to play. Ninety minutes? I don't believe. Super performance? I don't believe. But in condition to accelerate his process of integration in the team, that's for sure."