Man United boss Jose Mourinho accuses media of spinning lies to sell newspapers

Man United boss Jose Mourinho accuses media of spinning lies to sell newspapers

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has accused the media of adding to his problems by spinning lies to sell newspapers.

A series of destabilising stories appeared in a variety of UK newspapers in the days following United’s humiliating 4-0 defeat at Chelsea last Sunday, with snipes at Mourinho's demeanour with his players and a leak claiming he had told Wayne Rooney to leave the club if he wanted first team football adding to the mood of uncertainty around the club.

Mourinho didn't help himself when he suggested in an interview with Sky Sports that he was not enjoying his life living in a Manchester hotel, which sparked more negative newspaper headlines, but now he is biting back.

"There are no problems but you need to sell papers and you write lies," he told reporters.

"You even write lies about myself when I say it is 'a disaster' because every time I leave my hotel I have somebody chasing (me), you write that I say my life is disaster. This is not true."

Mourinho also rejected the reports that he had told Rooney that he should leave United, as he insisted he still had faith in the club captain he dropped from his team earlier this month.

"You can write and say what you want, but it is not true," added Mourinho.

"He (Rooney) is a very good player, a very important player for us and he is not going anywhere. 

"We like him, he likes us and, while he is not happy to be on the bench, he is more unhappy to be injured."

The negative stories surrounding Mourinho will continue unless his team find consistent winning form in the Premier League and maybe his mood will improve when he find a permanent home away from his luxury hotel misery.

United take on Burnley at 3pm this afternoon at Old Trafford, with summer signing Henrikh Mkhitaryan once again left out of the matchday squad.