Jose Mourinho accused of 'bullying' Luke Shaw by ex-United employee

Shaw was criticised by Mourinho once again after his recall against Everton
Shaw was criticised by Mourinho once again after his recall against Everton

Jose Mourinho’s has been accused of bullying his full-back Luke Shaw by a former Manchester United physio who remains close to the under-fire defender.

Matt Radcliffe worked with Shaw in his formative days at Southampton and moved on to Manchester United when the defender moved to the Old Trafford club for £27m in 2014.

Shaw has struggled to make his mark in the United first team since Mourinho took over at Old Trafford last summer, with the criticism from his boss reaching new heights of nastiness as he suggested he was unable to make decisions on the pitch without his advice.

“I told Luke Shaw his performance was good, but it was good because he was on my side and listening to my voice,” stated Mourinho after Tuesday night’s 1-1 draw against Everton.

“I was thinking for him and leading his performance. He has lots of potential, but the football brain and the professional brain has to be with the talent. I was making every decision for him. When you are 21-years-old, it is old enough to have a better understanding of the game.”

Now ex-United medical team member Radcliffe has launched a strong defence of the young defenders after Mourinho questions his attitude and desire in public, with Radcliffe telling ESPN that Shaw is determined to bounce back from the persistent snipes being directed at him by Mourinho.

"I'm not sure what Mourinho is trying to do by coming out in the media and constantly having a pop at Luke," Radcliffe told ESPN FC.

"Some people would see it as bullying of a young player, but Luke will not see it like that. I know him and comments like this will just make him even more determined to get back into the United team.

"He has not come out in the media and made any comments about the manager in the media and he will not go down that road because he is not that type of lad. Luke Shaw just wants to play football and we all know that he will make his mark at United if he gets his chance.

"Luke is a machine. There are drills I have done on training pitches and he is the only one who can do it.

"The kid has a wonderful physique and anyone who suggests his fitness is an issue at United right now are getting this completely wrong.

"I saw Luke a couple of weeks back and he was as fit as he has ever been and also in good spirits. He is just hoping he gets a chance to show what he can do in the United team and hopefully the manager gives him a break at some point.

"Luke suffered a very serious double leg break last season and he still gets twinges in that leg at times, but he has made a complete recovery from the injury now and just wants to get on with his career."

Shaw has been linked with a move to Tottenham at the end of the season, with Mourinho clearly yet to be convinced by the talents of a player who turned down the chance to sign for him at Chelsea when he made the move to United.