John Stones uses Paul Pogba catchphrase in cringeworthy signing video

John Stones has signed for Manchester City (Pic: Twitter/@MCFC)
John Stones has signed for Manchester City (Pic: [email protected])

Manchester City announced the signing of the England defender this morning, following the revelation that Stones had been included in the club's Champions League play-off squad list.

The club then decided to post the following vine of Stones as he was being prepared to do an initial interview.

The cringey video is made all the worse by the use of the word that is now synonymous with Paul Pogba since he tagged it onto the back of his surname before getting it etched onto his skull.

The former Everton defender might have selected his words more carefully.

Whether or not this is a sly pop at the Sky Blues' cross-city rivals, who finally announced Pogba's transfer today, remains to be seen.

This vine should come with a cringe warning considering that watching it on repeat makes you feel bad for a man who just penned a multi-million pound contract:

Stones has moved to the Etihad from Merseyside by signing a six-year deal at the Etihad Stadium.

The 22-year-old, who joined Everton from Barnsley in 2013 for £3million, has now left Merseyside for what the Toffees have called "a record transfer fee".

Stones has already been included in City's Champions League squad for next week's play-off clash with Steaua Bucharest, and he told "I'm absolutely delighted to sign for City and now the deal's done I'm looking forward to the next stage in my career."

The move was announced shorty after Stones' name was discovered on City's initial Champions League squad:

He is the second high-profile transfer from Merseyside to Manchester in recent seasons following Raheem Sterling's £49million switch from Liverpool last summer.