John Aldridge picks his Premier League team of the season

Jamie Vardy: 'The best striker in the Premier League for me this season'
Jamie Vardy: 'The best striker in the Premier League for me this season'

Let’s be honest, none of us would have wasted our last €1 on Leicester getting anywhere near the top four when this season kicked-off, never mind actually winning the title.

Yet the miracle of all miracles looks set to happen in the next few weeks, with Leicester maybe only needing a couple more wins to complete the dream.

All credit to Claudio Ranieri and his team because they have played with courage, commitment and passion to get to this point and if they win the league, they deserve it.

It’s easy to say they are only in this position because the top clubs have screwed up this season, but that is irrelevant.

The team that finishes top of the table after 38 games are worthy champions and if Leicester prove us all wrong and win the damn thing, good luck to them.

What this imminent title triumph means for the Premier League in the long-run remains to be seen because despite their imminent glory, Leicester may well have a problem on their horizon this summer.

Unless they start throwing around big contacts to the likes of Jamie Vardy, Riyad Mahrez and N’Golo Kante, there is a good chance the big clubs will swoop to sign them.

Even with the windfall of prize money that will come their way for winning the Premier League, Leicester probably can’t offer contracts of £150,000-per-week.

Yet that is the kind of crazy cash that will be wafted under the noses of their talismen Mahrez, Kante and Vardy.

The agents of the Leicester heroes will think this is the moment to strike and try to get them the big money moves that could change their lives forever.

Let’s be honest, any Leicester player who is offered the chance to join one of the world’s top clubs and treble their wages in an instant will be tempted.

It’s often easy for players to say they want to play Champions League football and that is the reason why they need to move on, even if the reality is that most of they time they look for a transfer to get a pay rise.

So it will interesting to see how the Leicester lads go about their business in the next few weeks.

If Barcelona or Real Madrid try to sign Leicester’s star names then fair enough, they will be on their way. No one rejects an offer from those two clubs. However, I can also envisage a scenario that will see them lose the players to domestic rivals.

It will be fascinating to see where Leicester are by the time we get to Christmas, but this is not a moment for them to worry about the long-term future.

They have an incredible platform to build on after the greatest season in their history and it is no surprise that my team of the season features plenty of Leicester players as a result.

I never believed back in August that my team of the season would look anything like this, but the names on this list highlight what a crazy season we have lived through.

David de Gea (Manchester United)

United still have a chance of finishing this season on a high in the FA Cup and maybe even with a top four finish in the Premier League, but their season would have been over by now if it wasn’t for De Gea. He is a fantastic keeper, one of the very best in the world.

Danny Rose (Tottenham)

This lad has come on leaps and bounds in the last year, with the influence of Mauricio Pochettino clearly helping him to move his game to the next level. 

Robert Huth (Leicester)

Huth proved to be a fantastic signing for Leicester last year, with his experience so important to their magnificent defensive organisation. Not too many clubs wanted him last summer, but they would all take him now.

Wes Morgan (Leicester)

Leicester have had their share of luck with injuries this season and keeping captain Morgan fit alongside Huth has been pivotal to their success. This central defender has been a rock in their defence.

Aaron Cresswell (West Ham)

The Liverpool-born left back has been a model of consistency for West Ham. He can put a good ball into the box and has rarely put a foot wrong.

Riyad Mahrez (Leicester)

The magician behind Leicester’s success story has been fantastic to watch. You could see one of the top clubs coming in for him this summer after his magnificent season.

N’Golo Kante (Leicester)

Kante has given Leicester an energy and dynamism that has not waned from the first game of the season. The scout who identified this lad for the Foxes is due a big pay-rise.

Philippe Coutinho (Liverpool, above)

I had to find room for one Liverpool player and Coutinho has come up with some wonderful bits of brilliance this season. Here’s hoping he has a few more tricks up his sleeve in the Europa League semi-final.

Dimitri Payet (West Ham)

A class act. There is no better free-kick taker in the Premier League and he has helped to propel West Ham to another level. 

Jamie Vardy (Leicester)

The best striker in the Premier League for me this season, he has been a menace to every defence he has played against. 

Harry Kane (Tottenham)

Kane impresses me every time I watch him play. His movement is excellent and when you look at his scoring record over the last two seasons, it highlights his class.