Joey Barton trolls Neymar on Twitter...and the abuse flows back

Barton is not a fan of Neymar
Barton is not a fan of Neymar

Joey Barton turned into a Twitter troll once again as he teased Barcelona superstar Neymar for his performance in his side’s 3-1 defeat at Manchester City on Tuesday night - with the response to his snipes predictably brutal.

Barton has captured more headlines for his social media comments than his footballing talents in recent years, with his current exile from the Rangers first team the latest embarrassing episode for a football who seems eager to attract trouble wherever he goes.

Yet his distain for Neymar was never likely to go unnoticed, with Barton eager to highlight the Brazilian’s muted second half display at the Etihad Stadium.

This is not the first time Barton has trolled Neymar, with this oft-mentioned tweet from three years ago springing to mind as he returned to an old theme on Tuesday night.

It didn’t take long for Barton’s critics to wade into the midfielder who has never played a Champions League game, as his criticism of the decorated Brazilian superstar sparked this response.