Jimmy Bullard wants football's most hated player to fight Conor McGregor

Yes, please: Conor McGregor v Diego Costa
Yes, please: Conor McGregor v Diego Costa

Jimmy Bullard has had enough of Diego Costa's antics, and he knows the very man to put manners on him, our own Conor McGregor.

The Chelsea striker was always unpopular with non-Blues fans for his wind-up tactics but after his behaviour against Arsenal at the weekend, he became the most hated man in the Premier League.

And, in his column for the Daily Star, former Premier League player Jimmy Bulllard reckons he should give up football and try MMA.

Bullard says: "Go and fight Conor McGregor and show us what you've really got. The bloke's a lemon. He needs a good kick up the arse.

"In my day we had Big Duncan Ferguson and he was a hardman, simple as that. He wasn't trying to be something he wasn't.

"Costa is going round picking fights and trying to bully young kids. I don't like all that. I go and watch football to see football, not fights.'

Costa might weigh a bit more than the UFC's Interim Featherweight champ but if they ever stepped in the Octagon, we'd be backing Notorious to teach Costa a thing or two.

C'mon Dana White, make it happen!