Isolated Mourinho admits he has few friends in football

Mourinho has few friends in the modern game
Mourinho has few friends in the modern game

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has admitted he does not fit into the modern game after admitting he is a 'lonely guy in the football world'.

Mourinho portrayed himself as an outsider in an interview with the Irish Times, as he suggested he is not part of the wider football family.

"I feel lots of affection, more than I could imagine. I feel affection from my players, lots of people in the street. I have lots of affection," he began.

"It's the football world that is changing. I feel that I am a strange case because my world is football. I love it, I love my job. This is the job I always wanted and I dedicate myself to it.

"But I don't belong, I don't belong to what Desmond Morris called many years ago "The Tribe of Football" (The Soccer Tribe).

"I belong to the tribe in the Desmond Morris concept of the tribe of football, but in the modern concept of the tribe of football, I don't belong.

"I live in a different world. I'm not with the power. I'm not with the power. I'm a lonely guy in this modern world of football.

"I do my work. I'm not a politician, I'm not a PR, I don't care what people think about me. I don't, you know, I'm just what I am.

"When I am in a great moment it looks like nothing's happened; when I am in a bad moment, I pay for this a little bit. I don't have many friends in the football world."

The Chelsea boss also claims the eagerness to change managers is an ugly side of the game.

"In football there is a culture," he continued. "I'm not sure of the right word in English — but I think it is "vulture".

"The culture of the vulture. When they feel something can happen, they start circling. It's something I never did.

"When I was without a job for six, seven months in 2007, I always behave the way ethics tell me to behave. I didn't go to football, didn't comment on football, didn't fly over stadiums where they were having difficult results. I was quiet. I was waiting. Now there is the culture of the vulture."

Mourinho went on to suggest he has earned the right to have one bad season, as pressure continues to mount around him after Chelsea's disastrous start to their Premier League title defence.

"Of course I'm entitled to one bad season. There are guys who have one good season out of 20. Some of them not even one good. I'm entitled. I don't need to prove," he added.

"What is happening to me after 15 years should have happened before. It's not normal, not normal. In 15 years, in only one did I not win a major title. In 15 years I won 22 major titles. It's too much. It's too much."