Have a guess which Premier League team is most popular on Twitter in Ireland?

Twitter analytics have produced some interesting data
Twitter analytics have produced some interesting data

Based on the number of followers of the official accounts of each team, the most popular Premier League team in Ireland has been revealed

The good folks at Twitter have catalogued the globe to find out just how popular every Premier League is on the social network.

The map, which you can see below, allows you investigate in huge detail every country in the world and into even greater detail in the UK.

Of course, we rushed to check out Ireland and we were not surprised with the top three being Liverpool, Manchester United and Arsenal, with the Reds just pipping the Red Devils to the top.

Just over 25 per cent of Twitter acccounts in Ireland follow Liverpool, with just over 23 per cent following Manchester United. Arsenal are a distant third with just under 12 per cent.

Of course, some people may follow lots of diferent acounts but we suspect that most 'Pool fans don't follow their greatest rivals, and vice versa.

The data also shows Liverpool as the dominant team in Northern Ireland, with the exception of two regions, Magherafelt and Castlereagh, where Manchester United are top dogs.