Grealish latest young player to be allegedly snapped using 'hippy crack'

'Crack': An image purports to show Grealaish inhaling a legal high
'Crack': An image purports to show Grealaish inhaling a legal high

Jack Grealish has been in the news incessantly since his sparkling performance in the FA Cup semi-final clash against an admittedly beleaguered Liverpool side.

The young star has shown real promise and countless column inches have been dedicated to his precarious international career in recent weeks. 

Grealish, however, could be in for some disciplinary action at his club over an alleged image of him inhaling what appears to be the legal high 'hippy crack'. 

The Sun has published pictures that appear to show the star taking the legal high that anti-drug campaigners have warned can be fatal. 

The newspaper says the image - which shows Grealish with another man - was taken approximately six months ago in a hotel room.

Nitrous Oxide, when inhaled from a balloon or similar paraphernalia, can induce a felling of euphoria and leads to the 'giggles'. 

Earlier this month, Liverpool's Raheem Sterling was snapped inhaling 'hippy crack' before apparently passing out temporarily. He was cautioned by his club.