Gerrard dreams of being Liverpool boss...and has picked his No.2

Future Liverpool management team? Gerrard and Carragher
Future Liverpool management team? Gerrard and Carragher

Former Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard has admitted he has a dream to return to the Anfield club as manager - and he has already named the two players he would want as his assistants.

Even though he has no coaching experience, Gerrard is listed as third favourite with some bookies to replace Brendan Rodgers if the under-fire Liverpool boss loses his job in the next few weeks.

While that prospect seems improbable with Gerrard continuing his career with LA Galaxy, he reveals in his new book that he would love the chance to lead his club in the future, in comments published by the Daily Mail.

"I sometimes allow my mind to wander and think, ‘Wouldn’t it be amazing to manage Liverpool one day," he writes in an extract from his soon-to-be published autobiography.

"Right now I can’t know if I’d be good enough or if I would even be asked to do the job in the future. It’s still quite fun to fantasise a little. 

"First and foremost I’d have to feel confident that I could be a successful manager. I would never take the job on the back of my name — or just because some fans would like me to step in on the basis they’d once supported me as a player.

"I know that being manager of Liverpool Football Club is a huge job. It needs the right man with the right credentials and know-how.

"So for me, at the moment, it can’t be anything more than a ‘maybe’. All I can really say is that it is a lovely dream — but I simply have no idea if it will ever happen or if it’s even realistic to talk about it."

Gerrard has clearly given the prospect of being Liverpool boss plenty of thought, as he revealed who he would want on the bench alongside him.

"If, totally hypothetically, I was going to become Liverpool manager one day I know who I’d love to have as my assistant: Xabi Alonso or Jamie Carragher," he added.

"They are very intelligent, have a deep knowledge of football and are special men.

"If I had smart people around me, and the right coaching team behind me, I like to think I could succeed as a manager."