Gerrard: Anger got the better of me against Man Utd

Gerrard saw red against Manchester United last season
Gerrard saw red against Manchester United last season

Former Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard has admitted that his anger got the better of him when he was sent off in last season's clash against Manchester United.

Gerrard was left on the the bench by boss Brendan Rodgers for the crucial game last March and then shown a red card 38 seconds after coming on for a rash stamp on Ander Herrera.

Speaking to BT Sport, Gerrard admitted the agony of being left out of his final match against United was too much for him and he could not control himself when his chance came.

"The emotions got the better of me on the day, I was just full of anger," conceded Gerrard.

"I was very disappointed in Brendan’s team selection, but instead of being professional and parking it up and thinking about the team.

"I was very selfish in my performance and in my actions.  That’s the reason why I came out and apologised straight away.  

"I wasn’t proud of that performance at all, and I think looking back now, that summed up to everyone how hurt I was to be left out of the starting line-up that day.

"Sitting on the bench at home against Manchester United at home was tough to take as well and was probably the reason why I was sent off within 30 seconds."

Gerrard went on to pay a heartfelt tribute to Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho, who is not the most popular figure among Liverpool fans and yet he has a big admirer in their now departed skipper.

"I think if you park that rivalry aside, the rivalry’s done for the time being. I’ve got nothing but admiration for what he’s achieved," he added of Mourinho.

"Not just at Chelsea when he’s been a rival but at Porto when he went to Inter Milan. He’s had an incredible career. And even during the rivalry when you set-up against his teams, they’re very difficult to play against. 

"I think he always signs top players and just watching Chelsea as a neutral when Liverpool are not facing them, some of the things I’ve seen him do for Chelsea, for Porto, for Inter, tactically to win big games, you’ve got to tip your hat to the man.

"He is one of the best out there and he’s tried to sign me on three occasions, three different teams. 

"Even though I haven’t played for him, I’ve had that close relationship with him and I’ve still felt he rates me as a player and even bumping into him when the rivalry’s been going on, he’s given me some good bits of advice and yeah I’m a big fan."

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