Football's new rich list has been announced

Man Utd are English's most valuable club by a distance
Man Utd are English's most valuable club by a distance

They may be destined to finish this season as the bridesmaids to Premier League champions Chelsea, but Manchester United are still the most valuable club in English football.

United have not won a trophy for the last two seasons and didn't even compete in this season's Champions League, but they are still in a league of their own among English clubs when it comes to their value.

The Glazer family that hold a controlling interest in United stand to make a healthy profit on their investment in the club when they decide to sell up, with Forbes estimating that the Old Trafford money making machine is worth a staggering £2.03 billion pounds.

While that figure leaves United in third place overall behind Spanish giants Real Madrid and Barcelona, it confirms that their global value has not been unduly affected by their dip in recent overs the last couple of years.

United came out on top when it came to matchday revenue, while the significance of playing in the Champions League was confirmed by the statistic that Real Madrid earned over £100m playing in the competition over the last three years.

Manchester City and Chelsea are moving up the list of the most valuable clubs, but they are a long way behind the true powerhouse of English football - from a financial perspective at least.


1 Real Madrid  £2.13bn

2 Barcelona  £2.07bn

3 Manchester United  £2.03bn

4 Bayern Munich  £1.54bn

5 Manchester City  £905m

6 Chelsea £898m

7 Arsenal  £859m

8 Liverpool £644m

9 Juventus  £549m

10 AC Milan  £508m