Five things we may have learned from Jose Mourinho's intriguing Carrington office picture

Five things we may have learned from Jose Mourinho's intriguing Carrington office picture

In case you missed it, the Manchester United manager used his Instagram account to post a picture of him working from his office at Carrington.

The Manchester United boss was deep in thought stting in his office at the club's training ground yesterday, with less than two weeks to the kick-off of the new Premier League season.



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Here are five things we learned from Mourinho's post:

1. The mind games with Manchester City have begun already

With Sky Sports News rolling in the background, Mourinho was able to keep an eye on the latest transfer news while working.

The story on screen while the photo was taken is none other than news of Leroy Sane's impending move to the blue side of Manchester, which was today confirmed by the club.

Despite having a possible sly poke at United's cross-city rivals, Mourinho shows impressive resolve to concentrate on more straining matters as he ignores the latest City transfer update.

2. Mourinho has been doing plenty of shouting at his new players

What looks like a packet of Strepsils sitting atop the black folder behind Mourinho's tablet screams one word - shouting.

A disastrous trip to China looks to have taken its toll on the Portuguese's voice box, with Phil Jones and Marcos Rojo likely suspects for causing the former Chelsea boss to roar in anger.

3. Previous social media posts have taught the United boss a lesson

Back in July, Mourinho's wife sent out this Tweet of the manager complete with tactics board in the background:

Naturally, this sent United fans and the general footballing world into a frenzy as supporters tried to figure out what names were on the board while wondering if Paul Pogba's name really was written down.

Matilde Mourinho has yet to Tweet anything football-related since then while Mourinho's latest post features a smaller version of a tactics board (on the right-hand side) but it is very noticeably blank.

4. The Special One wears contact lenses

Ever seen Mourinho wearing glasses while parading up and down the touchline? Us neither.

However, one pair of glasses rests on his desk while another sits atop his face as he considers whatever is unrevealed to fans on his tablet screen.

Unless he's trolling the footballing world by wearing prescription-less hipster specs just for the hell of it, it seems likely that the Portuguese wears contacts on matchdays.

5. One idea has already been scrapped

A crumpled-up piece of paper to Mourinho's right suggests that the 53-year-old came up with some idea before thinking better of it.

Rumours that suggest 'First-choice centre-half = Phil Jones' were the words written on the sheet of paper are unconfirmed.