Fellaini admits he cried when Moyes was sacked

Fellaini felt he was a scapegoat for the doomed Moyes regime at United
Fellaini felt he was a scapegoat for the doomed Moyes regime at United

Marouane Fellaini has revealed that he shed a tear when David Moyes told him that he had been sacked as Manchester United manager.

Fellaini worked with Moyes at Everton before the Scottish tactician took him to United following his move to Old Trafford, with the demise of the coach he has huge respect for hitting him hard.

“I was sad when he went,” said Fellaini, in an interview with So Foot magazine. “I came into the canteen and saw him in a suit instead of his tracksuit. He called me into his office and told me.

"There were tears and that is normal, I am human. I worked six years with him. He was not a second father, but almost. He helped me a lot."

Fellaini went on to suggest he felt the burden or responsibility as United struggled last season, with the theory that he was identified with Moyes' failure hard to shake off.

"The team was not performing and was losing matches stupidly. When things went wrong, it was Fellaini’s fault.

“At least I learned a lot, mentally especially. There was unnecessary criticism. I didn’t play for three months with an injury and defeats were my fault even when I wasn’t there.

“I got destroyed all round. David Moyes had brought me to the club and perhaps everyone was not in agreement with the staff and put everything down to me.

“Say what you like, but I did play some good matches last season.

“When results were bad, the atmosphere in the dressing-room was rotten. Ferguson had just left.

"The players gave everything for him. Perhaps the feeling with the new manager wasn’t there. There were habits and change is not always easy."

Fellaini went on to praise new United boss Louis van Gaal and suggested the Ducthman has taken his career to a new level after he confirmed his worth to United in recent weeks with some improved displays.