Ex-Liverpool striker arrested over sex tape blackmail plot

Cisse arrested in France
Cisse arrested in France

Former Liverpool striker Djibril Cisse has been taken into custody by the French authorities amid allegations that a sex tape has been used to blackmail Lyon and France international star Mathieu Valbuena.

Three other men have also been picked up by French police, with initial reports suggesting Cisse is merely being questioned as a witness rather than a suspect and should be released imminently.

The bizarre case has captured big headlines in France, with Cisse’s involvement heightening the publicity around a story that could rumble on for several weeks and months if the authorities opt to press charges.

Reports suggest that three other men arrested by French police are in possession of a sex-tape with which they planned to extort money from Valbuena, with Cisse’s arrest due to his knowledge of the incident and not because he is involved in any blackmail plot.

While the AFP agency in France have been told that Cisse is likely to be “quickly exonerated” from the investigation, his detention in Paris a source of embarrassment to the former striker who also played for Sunderland and QPR in the English Premier League.

Cisse, who won the Champions League and FA Cup during his time at Liverpool, has long been something of a controversial character, with this latest chapter adding to his colourful career story.