Eric Cantona appears nude on the front of Elle magazine

SoccerBy Kevin Palmer
Cantona making headlines once again
Cantona making headlines once again

Manchester United legend Eric Cantona has stripped off for a photoshoot on the front cover the latest edition of Elle magazine in France.

The eye-catching image of 49-year-old Cantona rubbing into his wife Rachida Brakni - who is a popular French actress - has caused quite a stir, with United fans likely to be surprised to see their hero in such a pose.

Some of the captions on images that are even more sexy inside the magazine leave little to the imagination, with one reading: "She’s super feminine, he's super manly... and it's him that we've undressed."

Here are a couple of the images from Elle magazine and we think you will agree that they are among the more unusual Cantona has posed for in his controversial career.