Costa insists Mourinho wants him to carry on causing havoc

Costa has been in as much trouble as his manager Mourinho of late
Costa has been in as much trouble as his manager Mourinho of late

Chelsea striker Diego Costa has insisted he will not change his aggressive antics on the pitch - so long as his manager Jose Mourinho continues to back him.

Costa has constantly run into trouble with match officials and the Football Association since arriving in the Premier League in the summer of 2014, with his 'passionate' displays often getting him into hot water.

Mourinho has insisted that he does not want Costa to change the way he plays the game and now the Spanish striker has stated he intends to continue in the same manner so long as he has the support of his boss.

“No, I don't need to change. Because I have done nothing wrong," he is quoted in The Mirror.

"I have 100 per-cent support from my manager, from the club and from the Chelsea fans

“So other people, other opinions, I don’t care, I’m not really bothered. I will not change unless my manager or the people from my club or my supporters tell me so.

“During my football career, many, many times other players have done stuff to me, like kick me but I am not a cry baby."

Arsenal supporters were furious with Costa as his antics contributed to Gabriel's sending off in a heated London derby at Stamford Bridge last month, with the FA handing the Chelsea hit-man a three-match ban a few days later.

Yet Costa has insisted he has no gripe with Premier League referees and intends to continue his aggressive approach to the game.

"I had never had any problems with officials. None of the bans that I have had, have been down to problems with officials," he added.

"Sometimes I get booked. But that is part of the game it is just normal. I am just hoping that they see me differently now.

“But I think they are very professional and they will keep going the same way.”