Competition to design Man Utd's new kit serves up some shockers

Imagine Man Utd running out in this kit!
Imagine Man Utd running out in this kit!

Manchester United fans have been invited to submit their homemade designs for the club’s third kit - and some of the efforts posted ranking as fashion calamities.

This is the video being used to promote the event on the Adidas website, with thousands of entries flooding in:
While some wannabe designers has served up offerings that may be tempting to those who will make the final decision, these efforts can be politely described as inventive, with truly vile probably a more accurate critique.
This effort is entitled Manchester prism, with the curator clearly make best use of his colour pallet to create an eye catching shirt. United would be the laughing stock of the Premier League if they trot out in this.
Animal lovers may see this as their dream design, with the idea that a raccoon has a place on a Man Utd shirt promoted here.
The killing of Harambe the gorilla at Cincinnati zoo after a child found a way into his enclosure captured headlines around the world and one comedian feels the animal should be remembered on the club’s third kit. Oh dear.
“Remembering when Old Trafford was the only imaginable hell, for away teams, on the earth,” is the description attached to this flamed United shirt. It is hard to find anything good to say about it.
The “Pogba” design may well have been offered up by a Liverpool fan, as it pokes fun at the lavish £89m deal that saw France midfielder Paul Pogba sign for Man Utd earlier this month.
Another jovial offering sees a United fan provide a shirt loaded with images of an old car and an inscription suggesting the Old Trafford club have not been a force in the game since this car was released. Never mind that they won the Premier League title just three years ago.
Here are some of the more credible efforts:
Meanwhile, similar competition to pick the next Real Madrid kit saw a cheeky Barcelona fan hijack the invitation by promoting a kit that was a replica of the Barca home strip…forcing Adidas to delete this entry from the competition.