Will his City move ultimately lead to Raheem Sterling's downfall?

Record: Sterling has become the most expensive British signing in history
Record: Sterling has become the most expensive British signing in history

Manchester City have brokered a move that makes Raheem Sterling the most expensive British signing in history, but will the move be the beginning of the end for the young star?

Sterling completed his £49 million pound move to Manchester City last night.

A move that has broken the British transfer record by some margin, one which means Sterling could make approximately £180,000 a week as a result.

At 20 years' old, the English international has shown signs of his absolute brilliance. On 24 March 2012, at 17 years and 107 days old, he became the third-youngest player to play for the club that signed him at 15.

He continued his rise through the 2013/14 season, developing a magnificent partnership with Luis Suarez and Daniel Sturridge in the campaign Liverpool cruelly lost the title behind Manchester City.  That year, his hard work and trickery earned him the clubs 'Young Player of the Year' award.

But last season proven an inconsistent one.  

Liverpool struggled without Suarez, and Daniel Sturridge spent much of the campaign injured. The forward’s form dipped somewhat, and off field issues certainly didn’t help his cause. In April 2015, Sterling was photographed by the Sunday Mirror allegedly smoking a shisha pipe, and by The Sun inhaling nitrous oxide which is considered highly dangerous.

Manager Brendan Rodgers was forced to respond on the issue, and stated ,"I don't think it is something you should be doing, it's as simple as that...Young players make mistakes."

All of this was happening, as the 20-year-old demanded a financial raise on his contract and began to force a move to Manchester City, a club that could fulfill his wishes.

The question is remains when it comes to the Luke Shaws and the Scott Sinclairs. The Nile Rangers of this world. Players with incredible footballing ability who's potential got hampered after the influx of bigger contracts and more money. 

In Shaw's case, he was a 19-year-old playing incredible football with Southampton who was also included in the PFA Premier League Team of the Year. Yet it can be argued that singing for Manchester United for £30 million, with him earning close to 100k-a-week, made him lazy, and more motivated by buying shoes than further developing his footballing craft. 

In his first season, Shaw made just 16 appearances for United, many of which were as a sub. He was largely toothless when he did appear.

In Ranger's case - a player whose potential was nowhere near that of Sterling's - he earned a reputation as one of the most talented footballing prospects in Newcastle United's ranks. 

His flair and hard work for a short period of time was shown in his rare, outstanding performance against Arsenal at the Emirates in 2010. He was awarded a permanent, financially superior contract at the club.

Since then however, off field antics, lazyness and criminal activity forced Newcastle to terminate his contract. 

But will money have a negative impact on Raheem Sterling's Manchester City career? Only time will tell. It would be a travesty to English football if it hampered the development of their most promising prospect.

Ross Murphy