Champions Chelsea secure a near £99m windfall

Chelsea are big winners on and off the field
Chelsea are big winners on and off the field

Chelsea claimed almost £99m in prize money and TV revenue as they stormed to this season's Premier League title.

Around a quarter of that cash came from prize money for finishing top of the table (£24.7m), but the largest amount came from overseas broadcast rights, with all 20 top-flight clubs receiving over £27.5m from that stream.

All clubs also received nearly £22m as an equal split of 50 per cent of the domestic broadcast deal, with 25 per cent of that going to prize money and the other 25 per cent going to the facility fees a club receives when they are shown on television.

Manchester United were the biggest earners from facility fees with their 27 live TV appearances bringing in just under £21.5m.

Central commercial revenue is also split equally between the clubs with each club receiving just under £4.5m.

Chelsea's total share of £98,999,554 was just over £34m more than bottom earners QPR who were handed £64,886,028.

Tottenham and Crystal Palace were among the biggest winners on the final day of the 2014-15 Premier League season, as their last day wins secured them a bumper boost in prize money.

Liverpool's failure to collect a point from their final two fixtures against Crystal Palace and Stoke opened the door for Mauricio Pochettino's side to claim fifth spot in the Premier League after their victory at with their move up from sixth seeing the north London club collect £19.8m in prize money. Sixth placed Liverpool collected £1.3m less from the Premier League prize fund.

Meanwhile, Palace's rise from relegation candidates when Alan Pardew took over as manager in January to their 10th-placed finish saw the Selhurst Park club collect £13.6m.

Premier League revenue distribution broken down:

Top earners: Chelsea - £98,999,554.

Bottom earners: QPR - £64,886,028.

Most facility fees: Manchester United - £21,447,152 from 27 matches.

Least facility fees: Stoke, West Brom, Leicester, Hull and Burnley - £8,775,160 from 10 matches.

All clubs receive: £21,968,793 - share of domestic broadcast rights; £27,757,371 - share of overseas broadcast rights; £4,392,630 - share of central commercial revenue.