Brian O'Driscoll has strong views on the Jack Grealish debate

BOD reckons it is the end of the road for Jack and Ireland
BOD reckons it is the end of the road for Jack and Ireland

With Jack Grealish's international allegiances as murky as ever, Brian O'Driscoll has made clear how he would handle the situation from now on.

The world and their mother have had their say on the Jack Grealish situation.

The Aston Villa youngster's international allegiance was already a hot topic but Martin O'Neill's press conference yesterday only further fanned the flames, with the Irish boss saying he offered the 19-year-old a place in the squad for the upcoming games but the attacking midfielder asked to be excused until he made his mind up at a later date.

One perspective of this is that nothing has changed and Grealish's vow to return to the U21 green shirt in September means he is still headed our way.

But many others feel that after effectively refusing to join the squad, Grealish should never be asked again.

Leading that charge was former Ireland star Kenny Cunningham, who appeared on RTE and Newstalk last night saying that Grealish should not be called up again after this incident.

A cursory glance at Twitter yesterday revealed many agreed with this view and now one of Ireland's greatest ever sportspeople has joined that side of the debate.

We doubt O'Neill will be swayed by even someone so great as BOD but it does indicate that those who have played the game, and have worn the green shirt at the highest level, have a very clear perspective on this.

Irish Olympic boxer Ken Egan also agrees with the hardline view.