Rodgers - I don't think there is anyone better to manage Liverpool

Rodgers under fire
Rodgers under fire

Despite another trophyless season, Brendan Rodgers remains convinced he is the bst man to manage Liverpool next season.

They may have lost an FA Cup semi-final at the weekend and be staring at the prospect of finishing outside the top four but the Liverpool manager is sure that he is the man to lead the Reds next season.

The unexpected availability of Jurgen Klopp, plus the relative disappointment of this season at Anfield had led many to speculate that the Liverpool board may move Rodgers on after three trophyless seasons at the helm.

However, the man himself has no worries on that score. When asked whether he would be at the club next season at a press conference today, Rodgers replied: 

“Very much so. I don’t think there is anyone better. That’s the reality of how I see it.

“Three months ago I was a tactical genius, performing to a good level.

“We lost some important games and now I’m not so good. That’s football, people will speculate.

“I never get too carried away when we win or overly disappointed when we lose as you have to look to the next game.

“I have a strong relationship with the owners. They understand this was going to be a process."

And when the prospect of Klopp weaiting in the wings was mentioned, Rodgers wasn't too bothered.

“When you’re at a club like Liverpool you will have many names mentioned - that’s the mark of being at such a huge club, a worldwide club,” Rodgers said.

“It’s not a problem. It’s something that happens. If you lose a couple of games, others will be linked with the job.

“That will happen whether I’m doing good, bad or indifferent because this is such a big club.”