Bankrupt footballer doesn't know how much money he lost gambling

Michael McIndoe celebrates scoring against Arsenal in 2005
Michael McIndoe celebrates scoring against Arsenal in 2005

A bankrupt ex-footballer who played for a string of clubs has told a court that he does not know how much money he lost gambling.

Michael McIndoe, 35, of Edinburgh, today said he had been a "professional gambler".

He said he had gambled online, spent money in casinos and bet with bookmakers William Hill.

But he said he had not gambled for the last two years.

Mr McIndoe - a midfielder who played for clubs including Luton, Hereford, Yeovil, Doncaster, Derby, Barnsley, Wolves, Bristol City, Coventry and MK Dons - was giving evidence at a bankruptcy hearing in London.

He asked: "How do we know how much we gamble?"

And he said he "could not honestly tell you" how much he had lost during his last year as a gambler.

Little detail about what led to Mr McIndoe being made bankrupt was revealed at the hearing.

Mr McIndoe indicated that he became bankrupt last year.

Lawyers employed to protect creditors' interests and help gather money owed questioned Mr McIndoe.

They indicated that he had been loaned money to invest in companies.

One loan had been for £2.5 million - £1 million of which had been handed over in cash, the court heard.

The judge - Registrar Nicholas Briggs - said more inquiries were needed and indicated that another hearing would take place later in the year.

He said he was satisfied that Mr McIndoe was co-operating with inquiries.

Mr McIndoe told the court that there was a "media frenzy" surrounding his case.

Outside court he told the two reporters who attended the hearing that he did not wish to speak.