Amazing statistics that suggest Leicester should be relegated

Leicester have defied all logic this season
Leicester have defied all logic this season

Newly crowned champions Leicester City have the WORST pass success rate in the Premier League over the course of this season.

The staggering statistic confirms that Claudio Ranieri’s side have made extraordinary use of their limited resources this season, with the statistic confirming they have successful completed just 70% of their attempted passes this season a figure that should see the Foxes battling it out at the wrong end of the table.

West Bromwich Albion (70.1%), Sunderland (70.9%) and Watford (72.5%) are all ahead of Leicester in the pass success chart, which is led by Arsenal with an impressive 84.3%.

Leicester are also down in 18th position among Premier League clubs in the possession statistics this season, averaging just 44.7% possession, with only West Bromwich Albion and Sunderland behind them.

Once again, Arsenal lead the possession statistics with an average of 57.2% per game, closely followed by Manchester United with 55.5%.

Tottenham have had the most shots on target per game this season with 6.6 per game, according to the statistics website Who Scored.

These numbers have inspired Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger to suggest the manner of Leicester’s success has changed the perception of what is required to win the Premier League title.

“Congratulation to Leicester on their achievement, but they have done it in an unusual way,” says Wenger

"It gives us some food for thought as they had low possession and that is very unusual.

“Their possession at times was not high, and their accuracy was not the best but they were strong at what they did. They defended very well, they were very clinical on counter attacks and had a fantastic spirit.

“They are very efficient defensively. You have to say that it is unexpected. Will it last and is that a trend in the coming seasons? I don’t know.”

The figures appear to confirm that the modern game’s obsession with statistics may well be misplaced, with clubs who invest heavily in data analysts likely to ponder their important after this season of madness.