Aldo: Scouser Wayne returns after rewriting Man United record books

Aldo: Scouser Wayne returns after rewriting Man United record books

WAYNE Rooney returns to Merseyside as a hero after resigning for Everton - and he will leave behind some Manchester United fans who will never get over the fact that a Scouser has re-written the history books at their club!

We all know about the intense rivalry between the cities of Liverpool and Manchester and this is not friendly banter.

Liverpool and Manchester United fans don’t like each other and the same goes for Evertonians when their team takes on one of the two big clubs from the city up the road, so fair play to Rooney for going into enemy territory and ripping up the record books. 

I bet there are a lot of United fans who find it hard to accept a Scouser will be top of their goal scoring charts for generations to come, but that is Rooney’s great legacy from his time at Old Trafford.

This guy has had to deal with intense criticism down the year, with the abuse that has come his way despite his fantastic success often way over the top.

It is the classic formula of the English media; get a young kid with a bit of talent, hype him up as a superstar in the making and then pull him down at the first possible moment.

Rooney has made some mistakes in his life, of course he has, but we are all human and when you are living under the kind of microscope he has been forced to put up with, you are inevitably going to trip up from time to time.

Yet for the critics to accuse Rooney of under-achieving or not realising all of his potential is madness.

First of all, we are talking about England and Manchester United’s record goal scorer of all-time here. What amazing achievements they are.

When you throw in that he has won five Premier League titles, the Champions League, Europa League, the FA Cup and three League Cup, it is hard to understand why anyone could saw he has under-achieved.

Of course, there are some doubts over the kind of impact Rooney will have at Everton, but I believe he could be a useful guy to have around the club for a year or two.

Ross Barkley will probably leave this summer and I could see Rooney dropping into that deep midfield position and having a positive impact on the young players at the club.

A little like Steven Gerrard in his final few years at Liverpool, Rooney could be a leader in the Everton dressing room and even if his powers are waning on the pitch, he could still be useful to a much-changed squad being assembled by manager Ronald Koeman.

Rooney’s arrival will continue what has been a busy summer of transfer spending for Koeman and his board, with some of my Everton pals getting very excited about their prospects for the new season.

I don’t want to burst their bubble of excitement, but all the money they are spending now will be returned to their bank balance when they sell Romelu Lukaku and Barkley in the next few weeks.

Everton have done a good job of creating excitement around their club with these new signings ahead of what will be bad news when they sell two of their star men, but credit to them for getting everything moving in the transfer market.

Liverpool and Manchester United are among those trying and failing to get their transfer business moving in the right direction and even if we are in the first week of July, there must be some concerns that those two clubs will not sign the players they want and need.

It's getting harder than ever for persuade clubs to part with their players in an era when every club has enough money to resist transfer bids for their star names, but Everton have shown that deals are there to be done if you are willing to put the big money on the table.

The Rooney deal may well turn out to be one of the more interesting of what I still expect to be a busy summer of spending for Premier League clubs and it will be good to see a Scouser returning home after entering enemy territory and leaving as a legend.