Aldo: Wayne Rooney was right to lash out at the media

Rooney fed up with fall out from his late night drink
Rooney fed up with fall out from his late night drink

John Aldridge believes the ongoing fiasco surrounding Wayne Rooney's late night drink at the England team hotel would not have been a story if it involved a member of the Republic of Ireland squad.

Former Liverpool striker Aldridge was a part of in the late 1980s and early 1990s were encouraged to go out on team bonding boozing sessions by manager Jack Charlton and regularly mingled with fans in pubs around Dublin before and after games.

That was in the days before photo phones and Aldridge suggests the euphoria around Rooney's late night drink as he and a few members of the England set-up were welcome gate-crashes at a wedding in The Grove Hotel in Watford has been blown out of all proportion.

Rooney hit out at the media in strong comments on Saturday evening calling for an end to the days of negative headlines that have been flowing in his direction,

"What a load of nonsense this has all been and a week later, discredited papers are still leading with this incident as their main story," Aldo told

"What exactly has Wayne Rooney done wrong? Okay, he might have had a few beers too many, but the media who have jumped on the bandwagon in the last few days are so hypocritical and you can only laugh at them.

"Are we meant to be horrified because Wayne Rooney and a few members of the England set-up had a late night drink in a hotel bar? Do me a favour. This isn't even a story.

"Irish people have morals and standards and I suspect that if the Ireland players went out and had a few beers with fans after a big win, the stories in the papers the next day would be all about praising the players for being normal enough to spend time with supporters.

"Stories like this will ensure that footballers and the public are even more divided than ever before and all because the media in England have blown this up far more than they ever needed to.

"I know times have changed, I know modern footballers are expected to look after themselves, but everyone needs to grow up a little. How this has become such a big story is beyond me."

Meanwhile, former England captain Gary Lineker has become embroiled in a Twitter spat with members of the UK media, after he accused them of trying to stir up trouble to derail the nation's international team: