Aldo gives his reaction to Brendan Rodgers sacking

Aldo expected Rodgers to be given more time
Aldo expected Rodgers to be given more time

Sunday World columnist John Aldridge has admitted he did not see the sacking of Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers coming and has called on the club to appoint a successor quickly.

Aldo has been suggesting that Rodgers has been running out of time at Liverpool in some of his recent columns for the Sunday World, but he was stunned when confirmation of his sacking was delivered.

“I’m utterly shocked. It’s a bolt from the blue the way it’s happened so quickly," stated Aldo.

“With social media, a lot of pressure has come on Brendan. It’s been largely in favour of him going.

"Us ex-players have tried to be constructive in our criticism of how Liverpool have portrayed themselves in the last couple of months of last season and the way we started this campaign. It’s not been great, you wait to see signs of us rejuvenating but it’s not really happened.

“On the timing, I thought Brendan was going to be given a bit more time to turn it round, but you move on. That’s what football’s all about, it’s a results business.

"Liverpool’s got a massive big stand next year to fill with nearly 10,000 more seats corporately and they’ve got to get the feel good factor within the club which we haven’t had for a while now and maybe that might have tipped the balance with the owners.

“Fans demand instant success these days. For a club as huge as Liverpool globally – and it’s massive – when things go wrong there’s a lot of pressure put on the owners.

"It’s a pity because in the glory days we never really saw managers come and go. Unfortunately in the last 10 years or so it’s happening far too much.

“I looked at the players the last couple of games and they seemed to be giving everything for the manager. Today they worked very hard without the quality to go on and win at Goodison Park. He even said himself they gave 150%, they did work very hard for each other on the pitch. It seemed OK from the outside.

“But with the size of the club we need to be up there, we need to be challenging. Not just to get in the top four, challenging for trophies, Premierships and European Cups.

"We had a little bit of a stint in the Champions League, but it didn’t last very long, that should be happening year in year out and we look a long way off.”

Aldo also offered his views on who should replace Rodgers, with Jurgen Klopp and Carlo Ancelotti firmly in the mix.

"I think it could be Klopp, it could be Ancelotti. Frank De Boer’s in the papers today. I think they would be the favourites," he added. 

“I actually think before you sack a manger, you have to have someone in place. I presume the owners must have done that and have been talking to a person if things went wrong."